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Welcome to the wiki. This is a reference source for the collaborative story known as Atlantis Awakening.  Here, you will find many articles on the characters, their abilities, as well as many other things.

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Angels and Airwaves - Secret Crowds

Angels and Airwaves - Secret Crowds


The PlotEdit

The lost city of Atlantis, hidden beneath the waves and the annals of history is one written about in nearly every civilization. A place that once held a civilization many years old and incredibly advanced that in one cataclysmic moment was destroyed and sunk beneath the waves. Many people spend their whole lives just looking for evidence of its existence. Yet none have succeeded in uncovering any of its secrets as it lays dormant at the bottom of the ocean.

However, to a select group of the populace, Atlantis is a reality for them. Remnants of the Atlantean civilisation washed up on shores around the world and continued to live with the humans. Bringing with them their vast knowledge, they helped the humans to grow and develop. They managed the building of the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, the construction of the Great Wall of China as well as other great marvels. They brought the human world from its knees to its feet. Even some of the world’s greatest leaders were Atlantean. They brought a new era for Human civilisation.

Recent archaeological digs in Egypt have uncovered evidence of the Atlanteans presence within the human community. Forced to come out of the closet, very few of the remaining families of true Atlanteans that still retain their ancestry have made their presence known. Possessing godly powers, these Atlanteans propose a bright new future as they begin to shed further light on their ancient civilisation. Hidden in the populace, Atlantean descendants who have forgotten their ancestry lie dormant; their own past waiting to be revealed to them. 

In the midst of this discovery, a group come to light calling themselves the ‘Atlantean Royal Family’. In a single press release, they talk about the history of the Atlantean people and how they still live within Humans today. Raising a brilliant crystal in the air, they announce the awakening of the Atlantean race as across the world, people begin to develop abilities. From the public rise a new society known as the Atlantean Unification Project, who wish to unite Atlanteans as a single race. With these two groups at the vanguard, a new era for human and Atlantean kind beckons.

It has been two weeks since the Atlanteans revealed themselves and people across the globe people are beginning to realise the strange and mysterious manifest within them.

The Story Thus FarEdit

The final day of October is drawing to a close as Atlanteans across the globe finish registering and return home. For some though, the opportunity to delve further into their abilities opens up as two major factions, the Atlantean Unification Project and the Atlantean Royal Family, begin their recruitment of these special individuals. Meanwhile, the mysterious Syndicate and the eccentric man known only as the Librarian, collect a few Atlanteans themselves for whatever hidden agendas they have planned.

A week has passed since the newly developed Atlanteans have accepted their initiation into one of the three major Atlantean groups. After a week of training, everyone is drawn to Paris as a renegade Atlantean devastates the beautiful City of Lights with his meteorites from space. below him, his cohort band sing along to the destruction. Their reason for doing this is yet to be known, but everyone important has gathered as battle lines are drawn and relationships are being put to the test.

Following the unfortunate events in Paris, people have returned to their bases of operations, some even joining other sides. But all is not well for each side has their secrets they are trying to keep hidden. As the night draws to a close, a secret group of soldiers invades the Atlantean Royal Mansion, kidnapping nearly two-thirds of the students there. Flustered, the ARF tries to find out who is responsible while some of their remaining students escape to hunt down the captors. Meanwhile, the Syndicate and AUP have already boarded the ship, both groups engaging in a stealth rescue mission. Will the captives be rescued in time or will they become captives themselves?

With everyone rescued, each faction returns to its headquarters to rest up for the coming days ahead. Things seem far from settling down, and just who is this mysterious 'Queen' and what does she want? Only time will tell as things begin to heat up (or cool down in Nate's case). Not to mention the AUP's leader, Emilio Bernot, revealing their plans to visit 'New Atlantis'. Could this be the final touches to the revival of the Atlantean race? 

The next day dawns and already things have begun to return to what was considered normality at the ARF Mansion. A surprise visit from the Librarian has Leo hooked as James and Nate are offered the opportunity to step up. Meanwhile, the AUP touchdown in New Atlantis and begin to get a feel for their new 'sanctuary'. But not all is peaceful in the coastal Swedish town... As for the Syndicate, it's back to the usual day to day regime of training, with Wyatt getting not only new team mates, but also a weapons upgrade and lesson. Things may seem peaceful at the moment, but elsewhere a storm is brewing on the horizon...

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