Austin Tseng








157 lbs








Atlantean Royal Family





Austin Tseng (born).


6', 170lbs. Thick, black hair covers his head, but not much anywhere else (yes, he has eyebrows). Austin's eyes are dark brown, and his skin is slightly tanned. Overall, he is a handsome young man. He has a thin physique, but has some muscle mass thanks to his 12 years of playing soccer and basketball. His best physical attribute would be his speed, being one of the fastest and longest running members on his team.

Austin dresses very well. He wears fashionable clothes, always wanting to look sharp. On a typical day, he could wear anything from a V-Neck to a tuxedo, and anything in between. Austin's wardrobe is only matched by his 'bling' collection. Most of it now goes unworn, but it isn't unlike him to pull out his favorite diamonds. Cuff-links, belt buckles, necklaces, you name it. Also in Austin's arsenal are many different forms of athletic wear. Compression shorts, basketball shorts and jerseys, soccer cleats, etc etc. He usually only wears these when he has a game or practice, or if he just joins some pick-up sports after school.


A tribal looking sun, with intertwining rays. There are four longer rays, two of which stretch up to the bottom of his shoulders. The other two are on the bottom of the sun and are 45 degrees from the center. The four axis rays are a bit shorter, with the top only barely reaching the base of Austin's collar bone. It is black in color.


Austin is a nice guy. Not too competitive, easy going, and friendly, he makes a lot of friends easily. Now, he isn't exactly a pushover either. If he knows something is wrong, he'll try to fix it, or at the very least make sure he has no part in it. Austin also does not like to be told he's wrong, and gets embarrassed when he is. Even if its an honest mistake like spelling someone's last name wrong, he beats himself up about it. Sometimes, especially when he's made three or four mistakes in a row, he'll just stop talking and shut everyone out completely, trying to keep himself from further embarrassment. When it comes to sports, Austin is almost a different person. Headstrong and decisive, Austin does anything short of cheating to win. When he takes on a challenge in the game, he doesn't falter and would take his opponent to the ground rather than give up the ball. This has caused his teammates much grief, as he gets fouled often. Although, haven been given a red card on several occasions throughout his years, he has loosened up a bit this year. Anything is better than sitting on the bench.

Austin likes to laugh and play, but also believes in hard work. He'd rather get the job done first and have time to goof off later than slack off while working. This philosophy has given him good grades, but his "goofing off" afterwards has also gotten him in some trouble along the way. You wouldn't believe how many toy lightsabers he's had taken away from him.


Born in South Korea, Austin moved here with his Korean mother and half Korean, half American father when he was 6 months old. His parents are his only family, but that's okay with him. A big family is nice to think about sometimes, but he's glad he doesn't have to remember 20 different cousin's names when it's Christmas time. His parents own their own engineering shop, so they are able to attend most of his school events and sports games. When he was five, Austin started playing soccer, and a few months later he started basketball. Both of these sports he loved, and stuck with them. As a young child, he loves to mess around and learn things, only to forget about them when something more interesting came by. Every month it's something else. South American history, sudoku, ping pong, video games, art, karate, woodcarving, if it is available for him, he's interested. Sure, he's no karate master or Mario kart expert, but he can pick those up and practice for fun if he wanted. 

As the years progressed, Austin began to take things more seriously. He decided to only stick to a few certain things at a time until he has mastered them. Primary academics took priority, as he was getting ready to go to college. Changing his schedule drastically his freshman year in High School, he was loaded with all academics. He dropped band, art, P.E., and Desktop publishing for Geometry, American Literature, Chemistry, and Biology, Taking all of his required "easy" credits after school, Austin was able to power play his way into the highest offered level classes for his senior year, surprising both his parents and teachers. This is where he started to develop his "Work hard now, play later" philosophy. Not only did he incorporate this into the big picture of his life, but even the day to day schedule. "If I do tomorrows classwork today, then I can throw paper balls tomorrow," was a theory he tested more often than he should. Unfortunately, between schoolwork and sports, he didn't really have that much time to play. He still firmly believes that eventually he will not have any work left to do, and it will be straight fun from then on out.

With the sudden exposure of the Atlanteans, it seems the fun is coming a bit early. With the revealing of the crystal, Austin has discovered a new toy to play with, which he dubbed Lumokinesis.

Shortly after the Bombing in Madrid, Austin decided to register himself in Manhattan, where he met Antonia Acosta, an Atlantean Royal Family recruiter. She saved his life after a run-in with the law and brought him to the ARF. There he trained and studied as every other student, until the Paris Incident where he was chosen by the Oracle (along with others) to help contain the rogue Atlanteans. Fighting side-by-side with Wyatt Cale, Austin managed to take down Dietgar Van Damme. Wyatt took the unconcious rogue with him to the Syndicate, inviting Austin to come as well. Austin was wary of the Syndicate's means of business, and declined. After Paris, things went back to normal at the Mansion, for a while. During the attack on the grounds, Austin was captured and held prisoner out at sea. While imprisoned, he slowly was driven mad by mirrors, soft music, and random noises from within the walls. To cope with the dozens of Mirrored selves walking around his mind, he invented personalities for each of them. Austin was rescued after a few days by Wyatt and Delta, but the ARF showed up soon after and took him back to the Mansion. Still haunted by his imaginary "friends", Austin drove away his real friends. After seeking help from River Beleren, things began to turn around in his mind. He spent several days wrestling for control over his alter egos. 

Now Austin has seemed to regain complete mental capacity. He has been chosen to participate in a prophecy to become the true Harbringe of Light, and connect the material world with the Universe. His totem is the Jewel, and in order to fufill the prophecy he must take the totems of James Hazen and Dominique Bisset. (Sword and Mirror, respectively.)


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence: 4
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 5
Endurance: 5
Energy Projection: 6
Power Control: 6
Fighting Skills: 5


  • Austin manages an ironic Twitter account by the name "Broton". He is known to tweet funny cat pictures and translate text into "bro talk."
  • Theme Song - Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared
  • His Heritage is dominantley Koren, but his Grandmother was Mexican-American.