Crystallization is the ability to transmute matter and beings into a crystal-like structures. Currently, the sole user of this ability is Delta Mayor. It belongs to the Protector class of abilities.


  • User can transform their entire body into an organic crystal state with various properties.
    • Body seems to mimic the properties of diamond, such as its durability, insulator state, thermal conductivity, hydrophobic surface, and highly refractive state.
    • Emits fluorescence in the dark.
    • Highly resistant to the cold, heat, and electricity.
    • In this form the user does not tire, nor needs to eat, drink, or breathe.
    • User is numb to any form of emotion, pain, or empathy.
    • User retains their mobility along with being granted superior strength.
  • Turns objects they touch into solid crystal or just coated with crystal.


  • Does not do well against high frequencies of sound.
  • Dramatic back-and-forth temperature changes can be damaging.
  • May have a limit to how much they can transform at once.