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Delta Mayor (born on May 17th, 1992) preferably "Del", is a Polish-American Atlantean and a recruit of the Atlantean Unification Project. She is the sole user of Crystallization.


Delta’s hair is the main topic of conversation when she interacts with new people. On the right side her hair it is shaven down to little to no hair but the hairs that do show are dyed a dark purple almost black. The rest is styled in a comb over fashion so that it all lies on the right side of her head. This mask most of the right side of her face until Del gets fed up with it and moves it out the way. Her regular, black hair is braided into many individual braids, which end in a bead. The colors of the bead depend on the section of the hair, the front is red, the middle is orange, and the back is yellow. If she’s really feeling up to it she may change the beads but it’s a real time consuming commitment. A single, golden hoop pierces her right eyebrow giving her an edgier look. Two other piercing makes themselves home in her lip and nose. Her lip piercing is located on the right corner of her mouth it is a silver hoop but at the center is a small ball. Rarely seen but still there is a small, butterfly shaped nose ring on the left side of her noise. It is rarely seen because it makes Del’s nose itch like crazy so she leaves it out most of the time. Delta’s eyes are a shunning shade of green that could rival the beauty of the ocean. Typically people dislike looking her right in the eyes for this fact alone as if she could possibly peer into their soul. Del’s complexion is a bit light than a regular, chocolate bar.

Delta wears a black tank top that is hidden underneath a black, worn, leather jacket. Several of the pockets are missing zippers so they’re open just a bit revealing the contents within. A pair of black gloves the one’s that have the grips on them. A plain, black lanyard hangs from her neck with a set of keys attached to the end. One key is silver with spots of pink where it had once been painted and the other was just gold with Delta’s name engraved into it. Fitting nicely are her newly “purchased” skinny jeans, which of course are black. To finish off this daring outfit is a pair of five-inch black heels. With these heels she is easily one of the tallest girls in the room. She keeps two knifes strapped to her hip, both on her left side.


It starts right under her pointer finger on her right hand and makes several twirls down her finger. The tattoo makes a straight line from her knuckle down her forearm stopping at the place where her arm bends.


There’s no doubt in the world that Delta’s very confident in herself because she knows that’s the only person she can rely on is herself. Her development in her abilities, the fights she’s been in, and thriving on her own has lead her to be this confident and inflated ego. This level of confidence has lead her to be slightly cocky, fearless even. Delta can be a little too much to handle at times because she’s a bit reckless. Somehow she has gotten in her head that she can never lose and she’s nearly invincible. This leads to her being fearless as she is willing to take on any obstacle and any fight to prove to herself and to others that she’s capable. Those who she sees as weak she distances herself from in a hope that she doesn't succumb to their lower standards of surviving. She’s more than a little full of herself, which is too be expected in her case. Delta also believes that she can handle everything on her own. She’d rather work all by herself than deal with a team because they would only slow her down. As an independent person she knows that at the end of the day the only person you have and can count on is yourself.

Along with those traits Delta is aggressive and passionate in almost everything that she does. When it comes down to a fight she is willing to play dirty if that means that she will win, even though she knows she'll win anyway. She also has no problems starting a physical fight because Delta didn't like what the other person had to say. Especially when Delta doesn't get her way that's when her aggression really starts to boil over. When she gets her mind focused on something she becomes very much involved in it and doesn't derail from the path that's set before her. There is nothing wrong with deceiving people to her if that gets her to her goal sooner or it's just for fun, Delta will do it. It's often hard for her to follow orders down to the specifics because she has her own, albeit reckless, way of doing things. As long as she gets the job done that's all that matters to her.

Delta doesn’t really have good social skills and because of this people thinks she rude. She tends to cut people off mid-sentence to say what she needs to say. Also, she has a tendency to yell at people a lot. It’s not always out of anger but when it is she tends to go overboard. Delta is a very curious individual and tends to ask questions that might not be appropriate in a given situation but she'll do it regardless. One thing thing she hates is silence, especially awkward silence, so if she's the only one talking that's fine by her but good luck getting her to shut up. When it comes to dealing with her anger and emotions that go with it she's never very good at handling them. Another thing she takes pride in is her ability to start an argument and to carry that argument on for the sake of her own enjoyment. If Delta's wrong, she's wrong but she won't admit that she's wrong instead she'll twist it to her advantage. Delta tends to lash out those nearest and doesn't seem to care about the possible consequences that might come to her. This is why she doesn't have any friends, other people seem to be off-put by her attitude and personality, which is fine to Delta.


When Delta was a small girl her family moved to Poland from the United States to avoid something. She was never given an exact reason why they had to flee from their cozy home in the middle of the night. Her parents tended to be very secretive as if they were protecting their daughters from what they knew. Their arrival in Europe was a big hassle but one that Delta had long since forgotten except the memory of her sleeping on airport seats. Her sister, Diane, was much younger than her as she had been a newborn at the time while Delta was seven. Growing up in Poland was a strange experience, as she never really left her three-bedroom apartment. She almost never got the chance to get a formal education but if you could count her father’s lessons in math. This made her envious of the kid’s she would see outside her window heading to school. Sometimes she would carry a bag around to pretend she was off to school. Her parents always told her to knock it off but that never stopped her. Delta never knew her parent’s occupation only that they disappeared at various hours of the day for days at a time. This left her to take care of her infant sister and grow up faster than a child should.

On occasions she would be granted permission to visit her maternal grandparents who had lived in Poland their entire lives. Delta didn’t speak a lick of Polish and they knew English but they didn’t bother to speak it. This didn’t stop a strong bond from forming, as Delta would beg her grandparents to let her live with them. Eventually her wishes came true when her parents told her they had to return to The States and had to leave her here. They took her sister with them and they never explained why they couldn’t take her. To lighten her sadness her grandparents surprised her with a real backpack with actual school supplies. Tears streamed down her face as her grandparents told her she would be going to an actual school. Though, it was a smaller school than most and it was for non-native Polish children.

Fights. Delta wasn’t use to sharing with other kids and it had never been one of her strong points. Her first physical fight came two days after she was officially attending classes. When a boy grabbed her extra piece of paper to use for a drawing. After politely asking for it back and being rejected Delta took matters into her own hands. At this age she was bigger than most of the other kids and easily overpowered them. She shoved him out of his chair, kicked his chair, and then kicked him multiple times in the side. After the teacher intervened by restraining Delta to a chair while his assistant checked on the young boy. Upon closer inspection by a doctor it was determined that the kid had several bruised ribs and was in a lot of pain. No one wanted Delta to return to class for a while, not even her grandparents. She spent her break time in her grandparent’s apartment moping around and sitting on the windowsill staring out at the world. Which is where she sat as she learned about her parent’s death or murder depending on what you wanted to call it. Delta preferred murder because she just liked the word better than death. Her sister’s body wasn’t found with her parents meaning that either a) she is still alive or b) they killed her offsite. As with all news it eventually spread like wildfire throughout the neighborhood where she lived. Her parent’s death was big news, as their murders to this day have never been solved.

Delta returned to her class a month later to learn that the boy she had injured had dropped from that class the day before. She sat in class fuming with anger, which lead to a fight, how typical. This time it was some girl who kept badgering her about the death of her parents. After being ignored by Delta she delivered, “You know, no one really cares about your parent’s death, it’s just that they’re bored. And they mustn’t have cared about you as you’re still here. What. A. Loser” with extreme malice. Needless to say, Delta unleashed her rage with her fist and they did the action this time. The two girls were quickly separated and Delta was never invited back to another class, which was perfectly fine with her. Not so much with her grandparents, at the age of eight she had gotten into two fights within the span of two months. Fed up with her behavior they sent her to a boot camp/reform school where she spent the next ten years. When it was summer or break she would stay at her grandparent’s apartment. Delta had learned to control her temper for the time being but that didn’t stop her fighting. Her name was feared whenever it was mentioned, no one dare cross her path unscathed. She graduated from boot camp at the age of eighteen but even then her grandparents weren’t ready to have her living in the house. They got her her own apartment that was a block away.

The mark came while she was taking a bubble bath in the middle of the night. Delta could never fall asleep so she tended to take bathes to help relax her. The burning sensation came and went; she didn’t know anything had actually changed about her into she rose from the tub. Her one of her arms had become diamond-like and she could see through it which freaked her out. Luckily she lived by herself and didn’t have to worry about someone else seeing her like this. For the next couple of days her arms remained like that until she was knocked unconscious and it went away. All of this came to a shock to her as she heard on the news and learned about the Atlantean race. Delta had already began working on perfecting her transformation in case she ever needed to use it.

Story Thus FarEdit


On October 31st Delta left for the capitol, Warszawa, a vacation that Nathan and her were supposed to take together. At the last possible moment he ducked out leaving an empty seat as a reminder. That day’s fun was to be had in the Atlantean Relief Centre and fun it was. There she ran into a rightfully annoying Atlantean named Tomasz Czajka before ending up in a room alone with a guard. Everything came to an end when Tomasz decided to alert more of the guards to her presence. Sprinting in heels was the last thing Delta planned on doing that day, though it dampen her mood she was determined to get away unharmed. It seemed like life had other plans because before Delta knew it she was slung over the shoulder of a very large man, who she came to know as Misha, and all the guards were lying unconscious on the ground. The man spoke of friends he wanted her to met as he shoved her into his car and they took off and later found themselves at a local restaurant. Curiosity about the entire situation ate at Delta until she gave in and decided to listen to what Misha had to say. He spoke of an organization called the Atlantean Unification Project that supposedly offered sanctuary, a new home, and training to Atlanteans. Unsure exactly how they had been monitoring her (or why) Delta was slightly impressed, an all paid for vacation is exactly what she needed. Her hasty decision to get out of Poland had landed her in a shaky helicopter ride to the Atlantean Unification Projects base. There she was greeted with a brigade of individuals, some recruits like her (Agnes Johansson and William Nelson), others had been there longer, and the leader of the AUP, Emilio Bernot. It hadn’t been 24 hours later and they had begun training, such as guns, technology, and close proximity combat. Delta was eager to show off and up the other recruits instead of befriending them, so that’s exactly what she did.

The Parisian IncidentEdit

The day of their first official mission came on November 8th and Delta couldn’t have been more enthusiastic. A rogue Atlantean had appeared on the top of the Eiffel Tower and decided to cast his wrath onto the city of Paris. Meteorites struck the city, destruction ravaged the once beautiful city. The Atlantean Unification Project arrived on the scene to help the endangered, injured, or trapped citizens. After going off on her own accord Delta experienced discrimination for being Atlantean for the very first time. She carried on answering the requests of those who needed help; each request brought her closer and closer to the Eiffel Tower. Emil had warned them that they were strictly there to help and above all not to kill. Following the rules had never been Delta’s strong point and she certainly didn’t feel like listening to some guy she hadn’t only known for a week. Oddly enough there was music playing and the closer she got to the Eiffel Tower the louder it got. Abandoning her AUP duties Delta took off towards the source, a trio of musicians who didn’t appear to be the friendliest bunch. Their calmness unnerved, the lead vocalist ordered their drummer to confront Del without missing a note. Recklessly Del charged forward itching for a fight.

Trained for a week (plus the two weeks of her own experiments) Delta throw herself into battle with the Concrete Armor ability Atlantean. Kicks, punches, and inexperience led Delta to be thrown into the nearest tree. A quick defeat seemed inevitable yet was avoided by an Atlantean (who she figured was with the ARF) with Cryokinesis. Angered by the intrusion Delta coined the Atlantean Ice Boy after they argued. In the midst of the battle Delta spotted several other abilities such as Lumokinesis, Ferrokinesis, and some guy with a bow and arrow. Strategically the duo brought down the guy seeing as reason was not getting through to him. In a bold move Delta took the Matthias's life. A moment that would alter the path she was forging in this new Atlantean World. Ice Boy vowed to end the entire situation on his own while turning his back on Delta, something she did not like. In an attempt to show him his mistake of underestimating she whipped out her gun and threatened him. Before anything could come of it an Atlantean crashed their ‘fun’ and viciously attacked Ice Boy, separating he and Delta. The female revealed (after many questions) that she knew him, Nathaniel and that she was not apart of the Atlantean Royal Family. Upon more questions (the entire situation was terribly confusing) the girl revealed that she, Nathaniel, and another boy named James worked under someone Delta had never heard of, The Librarian. Agnes (who had flown down to join them), Oakley (the girl had finally spoke her name), and Delta took off away from the Eiffel Tower only to found themselves in the middle of a battle scene.

They stumbled across a boy who was letting off an immense amount of heat when an unknown man confronted the group with questions. Ones that Delta reflected with harsh comments and threats, hoping the man would back off. When he hadn’t Delta took matters into her own hands and unleashed a fury of punches into the man leaving him unconscious. Moving on Delta found the body of another Atlantean who she assumed fought the first. This one was more lively than the other and the two stuck up a conversation. The boy was James Hazen. Putting two and two together Delta figured it was the same guy Oakley had mentioned, he later on confirmed it, and that he knew Ice Boy and The Librarian. Electrokinesis was the power he possessed. It wasn’t long before the man Delta had left lying in the dirt approached her once more and identified himself as a Royal Family member. The second confrontation ended with Oakley, Agnes, and Delta leaving with the first unconscious Atlantean slung over Delta’s shoulder while James and the man spoke privately (leaving Delta to assume he would join the man in the ARF.)

A Free DayEdit

The aftermath of killing Matthias wasn't what Delta expected it to be. No haunting dreams, no inner turmoil, she knew she owed it to the Parisian citizens to kill that man. All of it came rather easy and felt good, and that was what scared Delta the most. Learning that the media had dubbed her 'Krystal' and confirming that James Hazen had officially joined the ARF led Delta to be in an upset mood. An unusual encounter with Imogen let her know that the Higher Ups knew she had killed the drummer. Downstairs Delta met the Atlantean she had rescued from the floors of a burning city. After a rocky start the Atlantean introduced himself as Dominique or quite simply, "Dom" and they decided to left the AUP HQ for Dom's house. They were tasked with a babysitter, Spectacles was the named they him despite him saying his names as Julian Morales. Questioning Dom informed Delta that he grew up in Paris, which meant his family most likely had been lost in yesterday's accident. Delta and Dom came upon an anti-Atlantean protest and immediately lost themselves in it in order to lose Spectacles. Eventually a man reached out to them and offered to sell them "Atlantean watches" bound to "give them powers like Atlanteans." An excuse to the man let them be on their way, however Dom was soon chasing the man much to Delta's confusion. Into an alleyway Delta went only to see Specs, Dom, and the man in there with the truth beginning to surface: the man had stolen Dom's watch. The confrontation was settled by Specs putting the man to sleep by pressing on his pressure points. Delta suggested that the kill the man to keep this story from ever getting discovered, an exchange that led her to finding out that Imogen had done something that even he wasn't allowed to share. The concern of the AUP knowing information she hadn't shared mixed with the anger she felt over people warning about Imogen (comparing the two) left her frustrated.

Offering a faster way to their destination via flight (Delta didn't exactly jump at it) Specs carried them to the apartment building that Dom lived in with his roommate Lucien. Not wanting Dom to leave her alone with the Pep Squad Delta convinced (along with Specs's help) to stay with the AUP, at least for now. The day concluded with a group dinner.

The ARF KidnappingEdit

A second official mission came early the next morning via a wake up call that was put into effect the very next day, despite the fact that Delta was already awake and training. This time it was to help the ARF, an outlandish request if Delta had ever heard of one. Apparently the ARF had been broken into by an unknown group and taken several of their students. It was no secret Delta did not like the ARF and so she voiced this very opinion only to be meet by retorting comments from one Devon Bernot, Emil's son. Argumentative per usual Delta and Devon exchanged angered words. Him mentioning the fact that she had taken Matthias's life made Delta angry, so angry that she punched the kid in the face. Their spat ended with Devon bringing her mother's death (along with his own mother's) another piece of information the AUP had on her. A mission offered the perfect place to blow off steam so without a second thought Delta changed her mind and decided to board the plane. Where she was immediately introduced to the man both James and Oakley had spoke of, The Librarian. Curious to know why a man would need students Delta decided to bite the bullet and ask. Only The Librarian dismissed her questions as invasive and rude, Delta knew she had something. With the boat already have taken off by the time they got there they were forced to use Emil's Gravity Manipulation to reach the deck where Emil gave his spiel, it was a rescue mission and no killing. An opportunity to speak with Imogen arose and Delta took hold of it, revealing that Imogen was once in charge of Julian's brother, Oscar Morales and a few other students and they had died.

Unnerved by an implied comment Delta struck out on her own determined to complete the mission. Moments later she found herself in a predicament when a guard entered the space she was occupying. Two bullets found themselves a new home in her arm before Delta had even managed to touch her opponent. Quick to action Delta knocked the guard unconscious, but was unable to finish the job due to the guard's partner. It became clear that the guards were skilled in fighting much more so than Delta when the guard gained the upper hand and nearly cut off her oxygen supply. The instinct to survive flared up in Delta allowing her to concentration just enough to free herself and firmly grasp the guard's windpipe in her hands. If she didn't stop she would kill him, Delta didn't have to, no, she could've left him unconscious yet she wanted to. Would it feel as great as the first time? Killing came so easy, and it felt sensational. With all her thoughts weighing in Delta misjudged her grip and had already crushed the guard's windpipe. Unable to stop herself (along with not wanting to) Delta took care of the first guard with her gun. Other guards approached Delta's location and she hid herself by hiding under the bodies until they left. She took a radio off the nearest body and dragged the body out in the open prior to radioing in a false emergency. This gave her enough breathing room to sprint across the deck to the containers while most of the guards went to check out the emergency. A few metal rods, spires, and other various junk was all that was within them. Disappointed with her find Delta was unsure of what to do next that all changed when she saw guards rushing down the stairs and followed them.

At the base of the stairs were two guards, reckless as ever Delta launched herself downwards to fight them. Two on one was quickly turned to one on one as a guard shot the other one in cold blood. Delta fought harder than she ever had to fight before, every training session she had been through was coming back. Every kick, punch, and technique had to be on point and delivered. She pushed herself passed the limits of her crystallization, but paid the price for that. It wasn't longer before Delta dealt the finishing blow to end the fight, but not the life of the guard, if he didn't receive treatment he would die. A trail of unconscious guards led her to a much more alive guard, well, that was before Delta snapped his neck and announced herself to the people in the room. Guards were assisting the prisoners out of their cells, something told Delta that those two weren't exactly guards. Not one for waiting to be told what to do she entered a cell labeled, "Lumokinesis" where a boy was chained to a crucifix in the middle of at least two dozen mirrors. His body had a faint glow when Delta broke the chains that kept him in place and put him over her shoulder. She radioed in her position to the rest of the AUP then left the cell behind, setting the kid up against a wall. The doubt that these were actual guard compelled Delta to question one of them who only gave her attitude. Ethan Cross of the AIM the guard introduced himself as Delta wasn't sure if she believed him, but he firmly stuck to his story. Along side him, and another guy with four arms they alternated cells rescuing the trapped ARF members. A third man that Delta hadn't noticed until now revealed Ethan to be Wyatt and the four armed man to be Adrian. Back on the deck Wyatt, Adrian, and Delta caused a distraction so the third man could teleport the ARF children off the boat. By chance Delta caught sight of a launching ball of fire, well, technically it was more of a stream of intense flames that left the recipient of it more than a little charred. It didn't take long for Delta to see a familiar face who was behind the whole ordeal, Dom. From up on the crates Delta had the perfect shot to take care of the three angry guards surrounding him who were in a hurry to draw their weapons, and so she did, three shots, three guards. Another noise, a high-pitched scream, in a different direction caught Delta's attention.

A beast of some sort tore into one of the guards it had to be some sort of Atlantean creature. An answer was given when Delta heard Oakley call out for Devon, a fact she had a hard trouble believing. It was only when Oakley called out for her help that Delta got into the action by jumping on the wolf-like monster's back. A rough plan was formulated while Delta tried to keep the beast at bay, Dom would help Oakley and Delta would keep Devon from killing more people. Her gun didn't work on the creature, her fists and body didn't either, which made Delta fed up. How many times did she get to shoot someone and them be virtually unharmed? Whatever Dom was doing with Oakley wasn't working fast enough and Delta wanted it to end. Ready to put the beast out of its misery she waited until the fiend came closer. Her opponent never had the opportunity to reach her; a large, metallic hand had its grip around the neck of the beast and threw it backwards into the bay, Oakley. The Librarian appeared used the power of teleportation to grab Oakley, Dom and Delta and transport them on the plane. It was mentioned that the Librarian had an array of abilities, a fact that confused Delta. Before the man took of he gifted Delta a key, though he said she must redeem herself in his eye. Arriving back at the AUP HQ Delta sought out Natalia for weaponry training after a brief but necessary conversation with Imogen. The actual combat training began after they started oddly, no matter Delta was receptive to all styles as long as they taught her what she needed to know.

New Atlantis ArrivalEdit

After a bit of rest and devouring her breakfast Delta was summoned to the plane to go to New Atlantis, a place which apparently was top secret. Aboard the plane was a new recruit, Thayne, an ARF recruit who had switched to their side after yesterday's incident. Unhappy that she had to share a plane with these folk Delta expressed her opinion aloud and the only resistence she received was from Thayne. Belittling him for his capture was only the beginning of their conversation, that included Dom as well. Not told of the weather conditions in New Atlantis Delta wore light clothes, she regretted it as soon as she stepped off the plane. From there they traveled by car to their main destination where they were then free to roam the town, as long as they didn't cause trouble. The need to hang around any one of those people was next to none so Delta did what she did best and ventured off on her own. Ambushed by snowballs that hit her from various directions she sought out her attackers. She locked onto the first one she saw until she had her pinned down. Roles were soon reversed when the attacker's partner came out to play. Bested by the duo Delta laid beneath the girl who introduced herself as Aoife and the guy behind her as her brother Simon. They travelled back to the sibling's house where Delta inquired about their abilities and Delta learned through them, Simon's Existential Psychometry and Aoife's Emotional Psychometry that her sister, who she believed to be dead, was truly alive and well. As a thank you Delta told her tales with the AUP. Finished telling them Delta thought she better leave when Aoife stopped her and told Delta she knew of the emotional turmoil she was in. An intimate moment transpired between the two, which left Delta speechless and scared. The door slammed shut as she made her exit. Regardless of the reasoning Delta found herself back in Aoife's embrace.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence: 5
Strength: 5
Speed: 4
Durability: 7
Endurance: 5
Power Control: 6
Fighting Skills: 6


  • Delta’s favorite color is purple, though she tends to wear black more.
  • Dom is Delta's closest acquaintance in the AUP.
  • Delta has met the most amount of PCs (Oakley, Nathaniel, James, Dom, Wyatt, Austin, Charlotte and Thayne) thus far.
  • Unwelcoming of their cheerful nature (and personalities in general) Delta has dubbed Agnes and Oakley as the "Pep Squad."
  • Her weapon of choice has changed from guns to twin daggers.