Jeremy Kyle
Jeremy Kyle

















Jeremy Kyle is a Canadian Atlantean and recruit for the Syndicate. His ability is Teleportation.


Jeremy’s hair is almost always unkempt. Lacking both the time and style to make something of it, he quite often leaves it much the way it was when he awoke. Sandy blonde in colour and short in length, he tries to keep it as short as possible, to avoid annoyance. Skinny for his height and fairly defined, Jeremy likes to wear clothes that allow for greater movement rather than clothes that would stick to his body, all appearing in natural colours like browns, greens for tops, but blues and blacks for shorts. Often he will wear a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, mostly cargo shorts, and a pair of dark chuck tailors on his feet. The only accessory he wears is the silver watch strapped to his right wrist, which allows him greater control over his teleportation ability.




Just over a year ago, Jeremy had been a hot-headed, angst ridden teenage boy fending of bullies and trying to get his homework in on time. He was just one of the hundreds students that walked the halls of Toronto High School hanging with friends and racing from class to class. The most important thing on his agenda was impressing a high school crush in his final year, generally goofing around in order to gain her attention. This went on for many months, and like a movie, it all slowly built up to a climax.

It was two weeks until the end of term, summer was well and truly in season and Jeremy's class was out for Physical Education. For weeks now, Jeremy had been calming his nerves, putting himself into the mindset, and planning carefully his final act; the icing on the cake that would win the girl he was attracted to, Emily, over. When the chance opened, he slipped beneath the teacher's watchful gaze and made his way into the control room that over looked the stadium they were taking PE in. Within a minute, he had the PA system on, and began to let loose his feelings, announcing to the world his love for Emily.

Minutes passed and Jeremy was eventually hauled off to the Principal's office; the soft red imprint of lips resting on his cheek. With a goofy look on his face, he waltzed into the Principal's office, and lunging on a chair, explained in detail his feelings for Emily. When the Principal turned around in his chair, Jeremy was shocked to not find his Principal, but a man he would come to know as the Directive. Jeremy thought the man strange in his mono coloured outfit, insulting the man for it. When the Directive took off his glasses, the room seemed to darken and Jeremy was rooted to the spot. Around him, ghostly images like move clips played as he was finally introduced to his heritage. Jeremy learnt about the first Atlanteans; their immortality, their abilities and their downfall. In a matter of minutes he saw the entire history of the Atlantean Race up to the current point in time.

Moved by this, he asked the Directive if he could see Emily's future. All to willing to help, the Directive showed Jeremy the future he wanted Jeremy to see. Jeremy watched as nearly every encounter with her he was shown, he caused her massive amounts of physical, emotion and mental pain, all culminating in a singular outcome; Emily dying in his arms through a fault of his own. Distraught and scared by what he had seen, Jeremy accepted the offer the Directive made; come work with him, and Emily would live a happy life.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-7):
Intelligence 0-7
Strength: 0-7
Speed: 0-7
Durability: 0-7
Energy Projection 0-7
Fighting Skills 0-7