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Lewis Calaway (Father)

Astrid Calaway (Mother)




Atlantean Royal Family






Nathaniel Calaway (born June 17, 1991) is a British-American Atlantean in the ARF, though he still feels as though he is aligned with the Librarian. He is the sole user of Cryokinesis.


Nathaniel is a rather large man framed with broad shoulders, standing tall with a fair amount of muscle maintaining an athletic, almost bulky build. He typically towers over others and occasionally enjoys intimidating people. His skin is fairly pale, with only his face only a shade darker when compared to the rest of his body. His full thick dark brown hair is fairly short, with only a few strands brushing across his small cold blue eyes. Nathaniel has a long and thin face to the point of nearly appearing gaunt with a few disfiguring marks. His nose has a prominent bridge, likely a result of his fair share of broken noses and his chin a small scar running across it. Nathaniel keeps some facial hair, though it is alive only in the form of dark stubble. He has noticeably long arms and legs, with an almost stocky torso in comparison. Nathaniel stands tall with excellent posture, though his posture does not carry over when he sits down, preferring to slouch. 

To put it simply, Nathaniel is most comfortable in his motorcycling clothes. An avid enthusiast, his wardrobe as been built around his hobby. As a result, he is easy to put out in crowds as he almost always wears his motorcycle racing jacket. Its base is black with red and white accents on the sleeves, shoulders and torso with a small white logo on the left side of his chest. Under the jacket, Nathaniel sports a plain black shirt. However this is rarely seen as he loves his jacket more than he should, only removing it if he has to. Nathaniel favors a faded pair of blue jeans, held up by a leather belt with a silver buckle. Nathaniel's favorite pair of black leather boots are the finishing touch to his look. The boots are relatively pristine despite the fact they are quite worn, having seen plenty of action in the past year. 

Accessories are not a foreign concept with Nathaniel investing in several. Chains are a reoccurring theme, with a silver chain bracelet on his left hand, another steel chain hanging from his jeans (a result of his wallet), and his personal chain, a silver chain necklace with a celtic cross pendant around his neck. He is rarely seen without his trusty black motorcycle helmet with a "Legend of Zelda" design on it and his worn old no name brand backpack with a "Sonic the Hedgehog" design eroding away. Nathaniel formally sported several piercings, but has recently rid himself of them, leaving the holes to close up on his nose and ears. 


Nathaniel's Atlantean tattoo.


Nathaniel is a man of honor and ideals. He follows his only personal code of justice and is fairly morally conscious, pursuing what he believes is true justice at the time. He punishes those who promote chaos or injustice, and supports those he believes are not. He believes in fairness, but understands that true justice is relative and not an absolute concept. That being said, Nathaniel pursues his own brand of justice, hoping to make the world a better place one step at a time. Nathaniel's greatest desire is to make a change in the world. At times, Nathaniel has been known to take his personal quest too seriously and be overzealous in his pursuit, not being above taking morally questionable actions. He is not one to stand down from a fight; instead he stands ready to fight whenever the situation calls for it whether it be defending an innocent, defending his dream, upholding his code of justice or when he is simply provoked into one. His overly belligerent nature influences many of actions. While Nathaniel often respects laws and authority, he does not fear challenging it when he disagrees with it or finds it to be a major inconvenience. He also questions many authority figures, falling prey to the occasional conspiracy theory. Though he generally prefers making up his own.

Nathaniel is a stern individual, taking life very seriously. He is rigid, structured, methodical, and cautious in all aspects of life. This leads to Nathaniel being strict and overbearing. He takes life one step at a time and rarely acts on instinct, relying on his intelligence to make the best decision possible. To this end, Nathaniel is an opportunist and is able to capitalize on many opportunities life gives him. He works hard and is very ambitious. He lives by cliche mottos such as "Never give up, never surrender" in attempts to make his dreams and goals reality. Every day becomes an opportunity to accomplish something and he despises feeling like he has wasted on on less desirable pursuits. This seems to have unintentionally affected his sense of humor, which while there, is not particularly "good." It takes a good joke to make Nathaniel laugh and his jokes are limited to terrible puns and the occasional wisecrack. 

When interacting with others, Nathaniel typically remains reserved, however he has recently broken out of his shell. While he still prefers others to approach him, Nathaniel will pursue others in attempts to pursue conversation. He is generally polite and well spoken, and is not one to speak before carefully choosing his words. He is often quick to gain others trust because of his kind-hearted nature, but he is slow to offer the same gesture. Despite this, he is a team player and enjoys working with others and developing friendships. That being said, he likes being in control of things, having developed into a control freak. Nathaniel is a leader at heart, and strives to be one. This leads him to occasionally ignoring others' plan in favor of his own because he believes his is far better. Sometimes this arrogance proves true. Other times, it does not. 

Nathaniel is judgmental as well, rarely giving those second chances, especially for those who betray him. Nathaniel also does poorly in relaxing, constantly needing to do something. He is known to be stubborn, refusing to admit defeat even in the most foolish of disputes. Nathaniel can also be disrespectful to others if he feels they have not earned his respect.


Nathaniel was born in London, England but his family moved overseas to New York City when he was only 3 years old for the sake of his father opening another branch for his company. For the most part, he spent his days in the Upper East Side, as his father was an influential business man who commanded great wealth. This wealth dominated his parent's decisions from everything to their expenses to the groups they spent time with, as their aspirations were to become elite socialites. While Nathaniel lived in comfort, he also lived in relative obscurity. He had a poor social life, as he received home schooling from his overbearing and overprotective mother. He had limited time outside of his "classroom" unable to experience the outside world. TV time was limited to an hour a day and the internet was inaccessible till he was 12. Sheltered, Nathaniel's only interactions outside of his family and books were "rich" people gatherings where he mingled with children that primed for business school like he was. An independent thinker who dreamed of bigger things, Nathaniel grew tiresome of these gatherings and as he grew older and he became more outspoken and rebellious. Nathaniel yearned for a more free life and the ability to go out and explore. Eventually his parents caved in to his complaints (mostly his father who was less protective) and he was allowed to attend a public high school program at 14. 

It was there that Nathaniel became more exposed to the world. The sheltered life could not prepare him for a world of chaos. Crimes happening regularly and a world that could not help itself bothered him. It motivated Nathaniel to develop his own philosophy and outlined his goals: Nathaniel wanted to help the world the best he could. He took his studies seriously, using the work ethnic that his mother implanted in him to earn high marks in school with his dream landing a job in the government. 

Nathaniel had a slow start when it came to actually adapting to the world outside of his luxury apartment and his first year of high school reflected that. He was not an immediate social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination, being shy for a number of weeks. Everyday he would come home somber with his mother seeking any excuse to pull him out of school and place him back in his "elite homeschooling program." His father was more patient, ready to give Nathaniel a chance to come out of his shell. The process was slow, awkward, and challenging. Nathaniel had many failed attempts in making that first friend alienating many of his peers. Whether it was Nathaniel's own awkward approach to social interaction or the ridiculously fancy outfits his mother dressed him in is a matter of debate. But a breakthrough happened shortly before his 15th birthday when an older student approached him during lunch. His name was Nicolas. Considered by many to be a punk, a troublemaker, and an outcast, Nicolas treated Nathaniel with a fair amount of kindness and the two eventually became quite close friends. 

Of course, Nathaniel's mother despised Nicolas and his father was slow to warm up to the idea but nevertheless Nicolas proved to be a steadfast friend and one that Nathaniel could rely on to help him out in a pinch nullifying Nathaniel's bully problem in a few short weeks (It helped he began going to the gym with Nicolas). In the following summer, Nicolas got Nathaniel his first job at a motorcycle shop, selling and repairing motorcycles while also teaching him the basics of "commoner fashion" and the art of picking up girls. It was an enlightening few months to say the least. 

Nathaniel's sophomore (or 2nd) year in high school proved to be quite different. His new look, approach and feel for life equated to more success in all walks of life. More friends, better grades, more money. You get the idea. He played his first real video game, got his first pet, went to his first movie and so on. He even had his first girlfriend, albeit short lived, equated to two months of struggle and three months of recovery from heartbreak. His job went well, earning several raises and witness Nicolas get promoted to manager following his successful graduation from high school (with Nathaniel being his tutor to pass finals). 

The remaining years went by swimmingly and his new interests began to take form. Nathaniel found a great love for motorcycles and with his saved up money purchased his first bike and began to customize it. He graduated school without much of a problem and began to attend New York University for a Law degree while maintaining his position at the bike shop, working repairs instead of sales. He moved out of his parent's apartment as well, moving with Nicolas when he turned 19. College opened up Nathaniel's eyes to many opportunities and his vision for a better world developed each and every day. However he decided he needed to see more of the world. Traveling became the only option to further cement his dreams into a growing legacy.

Upon signing up and being accepted to an exchange program, Nathaniel has just arrived in London and is ready to begin his next term at Royal Holloway, University of London with his trusty motorcycle as his only friend.

As if living in London was not any more shocking that it already was he awoke one day, with his room half frozen and his body covered in a sheet of ice. Shocked, frightened, and surprisingly not cold Nathaniel locked himself in his room for several days until he could reason with himself. His first thought was that he took a few too many substances the day before. His second thought was that he was actually dreaming. His final thought was that he was some scientific freak which would explain why his mother never wanted him to leave home. The emergence of some strange tattoo in the coming days made the third option feasible, but not likely. Instead of wondering the "whys" and "hows", he focused on obtaining some sense of control. Approximately a week later, Nathaniel was capable of not freezing things around him and control most of the functions of this newfound ability. Still it proved to be rather strenuous. 

He became familiar with the lower and simple functions of his power and began to become accustomed with the upper limits of his "gift".


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence: 6
Strength: 6
Speed: 3
Durability: 5
Endurance: 6
Energy Projection: 6
Power Control: 6
Fighting Skills: 4