Nora Draveiga
Nora Draveiga














Neon Light Manipulation


Renegade Atlantean





Nora Draveiga (born August 18th, 1990) is a Norwegian Renegade Atlantean and previous love interest of James Hazen. Her ability, Neon Light Manipulation, allows her to control the electrified gasses that make up neon lighting; including storage within her body. So far she is the second Atlantean revealed able to transcend into God Mode.




A rose flower with stem and three thorns on her left side shoulder.


I don't give a damn about my bad reputation.


Her parents often told her that she hung around the wrong crowd of people yet she always felt right being around them. Punks, social rejects and outcasts were just some of the names people called them but they didn’t care; they refused to conform to social standing. He learnt a lot of tricks from these people that would get her far; from picking a lock to credit card fraud. It all became a game after she dropped out of school and begun hanging out with them. Just over three months ago, they began pulling off a two week heist that would land them either in jail or in fame.

Removing her piercings and dressing up nice, she printed off photoshopped credentials that lead to her being hired at the Smithsonian Museum. Here she worked as a curator and took people on guided tours around the museum all the while mapping the place out for their big heist. Recently NASA had gifted the museum a rather large piece of moon rock that they had found after it crashed to earth thousands of years ago. The rock would fetch them millions and set them up with enough money to get started somewhere new.

Eight days into her job and things were going pretty smoothly. They had plans drawn up and ready to execute as Nora’s intel had proved to be very useful. In another four days they would hit the museum and eventually take off with the large chunk of moon rock. On the day of the heist, she had been taking a tour group when a rather attractive and tall lady joined their group. The lady seemed to stick out of the group to Nora as if she didn’t quite belong with the rest of them, but she simply chalked it up to feeling anxious about the heist they would pull that night.

The heist went off without a hitch. It didn’t take them long to get in, take the rock, and then vanish before the cops had even started making their way to the museum. Laughing and congratulating each other, they began making their way away from the museum and to Central Park where they would meet up with a contact whom their leader, Nick, had set up to pay them for the rock. Once there, Nora was surprised to see the strikingly beautiful lady from earlier on in the day waiting for them. She accepted the bag, checking that the right stone was inside before handing them the envelope of cash in payment. Before they left, the lady stopped them and asked Nora if she wished to join here. At first, she declined the lady, happy enough with how it was now. However something ate at her insides over the coming days as she remembered the lady’s words offering her a greater sense of purpose.

Contacting her through Nick, she was able to talk to the lady again, asking her if the offer still stood. Within a day, she joined the rest of the lady’s rag-tag band of Atlanteans and started learning of her own abilities and what she wanted to achieve. She felt indebted to the lady named Raguel for giving her a greater sense of purpose. She had finally felt the one thing that felt truly right and was ready to do whatever it took to make it happen.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-7):
Intelligence 3
Strength: 3
Speed: 5
Durability: 3
Energy Projection 6
Fighting Skills 4


  • Nora is a Nymphomaniac.
  • Despite being a self-proclaimed punk, she doesn't have any tattoos. But she does have many piercings in many places.