Optikinesis is the ability to view the world in different spectrums such as Infra-red, Night Vision and X-Ray Vision. Currently, the only known user of this ability is Wyatt Cale. It belongs to the Kinetics family of abilities.


Wyatt Cale dubs the ability, “Multi-Vision”, although this isn’t quite true. Through this ability, the user is able to switch between different types of vision. Apart from the common vision they share with many other people, they can see heat signatures in Infra-Red Vision, see in the dark with Night Vision, as well as Ultra-Violet Vision, X-Ray Vision, allowing sight through solid objects such as clothing and walls, yet the thicker and denser a wall, the more obscure the vision becomes.


Negative side effects from using some of the more strenuous abilities are the strain that is done to their eyes. Sometimes their eyes will bleed, other times their vision might blur and not return to normal for a period ranging from a couple of minutes to days. Eventually, if the user was to use their ability long enough and often enough, they could lose their sight altogether. However if the user was to become fully dependant on his own abilities, they could easily be deceived. Relying on what they perceives and not on what they truly sees could be their ultimate downfall. To see something that is not there or to be tricked into perceiving something is not what it is, is an all too easy trap to fall into.