Number of Lives Taken Thus Far
Human Lives: Atlantean Lives:
Delta Mayor 6 1
James Hazen 1 1
Dominique Bisset 2 0
Nathaniel Calaway 0 1
Victims When Killed By
James' Boss Aftermath of the Reveal James Hazen
Several Dozen Atlanteans and Guards Aftermath of the Reveal Jacques Bayne
Joey Stevenson Aftermath of the Reveal Nathaniel Calaway
20,000 Parisian Citizens The Parisian Incident Jacques Morain
Matthias Mertens The Parisian Incident Delta Mayor
6+ Unnamed Militia Members The ARF Kidnapping Delta Mayor
Unnamed Militia Member The ARF Kidnapping Devon Bernot
2 Unnamed Militia Members The ARF Kidnapping Dominique Bisset
Hotaru Yamanashi The ARF Kidnapping Jacques Bayne
Dekun Bai Dedication & Desertion James Hazen


Actual Romantic/Sexual RelationshipsEdit

Statistics InfoEdit


  • 0 = Stupid
  • 1-2 = Lower
  • 3-4 = Average
  • 5-6 = Higher
  • 7 = Genius


  • 1-3 = Lower
  • 4-6 = Average
  • 7-9 = Higher
  • 10 = God Mode

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Strength is the quality or state of being strong.

Speed is the rate at which someone is able to move.

Durability is a person’s resistance to taking damage. 

Endurance is the amount of damage one can take and still keep going. 

Fighting Skills is how well you do at hand-to-hand combat.

Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence: 0-10
Strength: 0-10
Speed: 0-10
Durability: 0-10
Endurance: 0-10
Energy Projection: 0-10
Power Control: 0-10
Fighting Skills: 0-10