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Ryan Hastings (born March 26th, 1994) is an African-American Atlantean, He is the sole user of Hydrokinesis.


Ryan’s skin bears a light brown pigmentation throughout the entirety of his body. Though he himself does not engage in activities such as going to the gym, his job as a stagehand have aided his body adequately, giving him a little above average build. Lightly along his arms and on the chin level dreadlocks that sprout from his head, his hair is colored a very dark brown, sometimes mistaken for black. His eyelashes are slightly longer than usual, while his eyes are a dark brown. These aspects of his face would probably bring others to label him as handsome,that is if he didn’t carry such a frustrated expression, though usually he wasn’t frustrated at all.

He usually wears clothes that bear dark colors, sticking to reds, blues and black so as not to draw too much attention to him. His shirts vary between fitted and just regular t-shirts, and the same goes for his pants(usually jeans.) His choice of footwear include mostly boots, his favorite being the timberland NM field boots. At times he may wear a black jacket, or a dark red or blue hoodie that depicts varying designs on the back, colored black. Most of the time he would wear a 4 foot black scarf concealing his mouth, and sometimes his nose.


    This tattoo is located on the left side of his neck, flowing upwards from his collarbone and ending just under his chin.

Atlantis tat

Ryan's Atlantean Tattoo


Because of his vocal complications, and perhaps even without them, Ryan is someone who usually prefers to stay away from large groups of people due to the paranoia that set in some time during high school. He can't stand up for himself verbally, lacking the voice to do so, and because reacting with violence would only serve to worsen the rumors about him, as well as most likely getting him jumped. He is bitter towards the illness that caused such a drastic change in his lifestyle. The mounting frustration of not being able to communicate effectively as well as having lived in a constant state of pain tends to keep him in a very irate state of mind.

With the pain in his throat now gone and the leftovers of his voice salvaged, his mood has improved significantly. He still remains paranoid, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was when he first contracted his illness. He dislikes attention, but he will step in to help a friend, or even a random person, although he will most likely flee the scene quickly after the conflict is resolved. Silently he longs for a smaller group of close friends despite the fact that he hasn’t made it easy in any sense of the word for anyone to get that close to him.


Ryan was born to a middle class family in Philadelphia, as the last of the three mixed Hastings children. Being the last child, he was spoiled more so by his grandmother than his parents. Whereas his siblings started chores earlier and received devices such as cellphones later, he was treated the opposite, much to their annoyance. He and his brother had a rather bumpy relationship at early ages but later on grew to come to a peaceful understanding. As for his sister, she could be carefree and mischievous one moment and terrifying the next, though she made it very clear and he knew she only wanted what was best for him.

As a younger boy in his elementary school, Ryan got along relatively well with his schoolmates. He became friends with most of them over the years, having stayed at the same school up until high school, when he switched schools. Towards the end of the 5th grade, Ryan began experiencing difficulty with his speech, as well as some pain whenever he attempted to; this progressed until he went for a doctor’s visit and was diagnosed with an unknown disease that caused him to slowly lose function of his vocals, as well as issuing a scorching pain in his throat whenever he attempted to talk. When he reached middle school he entered his awkward phase,as most teenagers, only his illness was also added into the equation, only serving to draw him deeper into himself and draw away from people. 

By the time high school came around, he had become almost completely antisocial, his voice only a little above the volume of a whisper, as painful as the day it was discovered.This is more around the time when his wardrobe changed, adding in darker colors and discarding the flashy things. Whats worse is that it was high school, and rumors of course began to circulate, and Ryan grew very paranoid and shy, shrinking away even more from his peers. Whenever he walked in the hallways and people were chatting or laughing, he would instantly assume that they were talking about him. As such, he’s developed trust issues and just about completely distanced himself from any friends he had clung to until recently. Already, college seemed to be a useless venture, but out of obedience to his parents as well as wanting to follow in the footsteps of his siblings, he went.

His image didn’t change as he went on to attend the University of Pittsburgh. if anything, it was worse than high school. He literally became a shadow in to his fellow peers, only noticed briefly in the library reading a book, or at some random location in the city sketching skylines or taking a random individual as they were and drawing them in a different environment. Reading and drawing are two skills that he excelled in, in the absence of time he would spend with friends if he had any. He kept his grades only high enough so that his parents couldn’t complain, and immersed himself in his drawings and books.

When the Atlanteans revealed themselves to the world, Ryan’s roommate had left his television on while he left to go and wash his clothes. Ryan was in another world of his own, sketching himself in his normal attire standing on top of a lake, the figure's back facing Ryan. He looked up from his sketch just as a bright crystal was raised into the air. As he beheld the crystal, he felt a very sudden cold sensation in his neck area, taking him by surprise and causing him to break into a coughing fit(as if he had drank water too fast and it had gone down the wrong way. When that feeling finally ended, he was gasping for air and clutching at his throat which was already burning like-... nothing. The pain was gone.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence: 0-10
Strength: 0-10
Speed: 0-10
Durability: 0-10
Endurance: 0-10
Energy Projection: 0-10
Power Control: 0-10
Fighting Skills: 0-10