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Samuel Park (born) is a Korean-English Atlantean and a member of the Syndicate. He is the sole user of Lizard Morphology.


With an Asian father and a blonde English mother, Sam’s features has a strange mixture of Western and Eastern traits which make his appearance certainly unique. His hair feels fairly stringy and is jet-black in colour, just like most Oriental Asians, and he doesn’t mess with his hair much; rather he just mostly leaves it the way it is, much to his mother’s protests. However his eyes have a soft baby blue pigment to them, whilst being slightly slanted. His lips are thin with a small pout to them, and his cheeks are slender yet soft. His face shape is sort of an inverted triangle, with his chin being unnoticeable and clean shaven. The rest of his body has no distinguishing features to them; Sam isn’t the most athletic person in the world, though he isn’t fat either. Rather his body is somewhere in the middle - not lacking in muscles but far from looking like someone who lifts weights often. His skin has a tint of yellow to mix with the pale complexion. 

Sam keeps it simple most of the time, but for whatever reason has a strange obsession with having trendy sneakers. Whether it’s the latest release of a Janoski or an exclusive limited edition of a Yeezy, Sam is always checking for news on them, pleading his parents for a pair in exchange for either housework or any other menial job. In terms of other clothing Sam just wears whatever there is on his wardrobe, though does have a preference to beanies. His always seen wearing one, only taking them off in the hottest of weathers. 


Located right on the middle of his chest, it’s a small circle with three triangular spikes on top and a swirly line with two curves at the bottom. The tattoo in total is two inches in length.


Sam used to be very opinionated when he was smaller, always speaking his mind and enjoying doing so. He wasn’t particularly rude or anything, but if he saw something he would always express his thoughts on it, bad or good. As he grew older he realised that sharing his opinion on just about anything was making him notorious, and so now his quieter now than before, though he still likes to have his own view on many things. That’s why he's always on top of news of any kind, and in a sense is a geek on that way. He's always up-to-date on current affairs, and has excellent awareness of what’s going on in the world and around him.

However, even with all of that knowledge and interest, Sam is lazy. Not in the sort of spending days in bed, munching on Doritos and energy drinks while jeering on his Xbox headset; more in terms of social relations and meeting deadlines. Sam has a habit of always ‘going with flow’, always moving on his own time, not worrying about the consequences. He doesn’t try hard on keeping friends, and is always floating with different groups of people. Most of this comes down to him thinking that he himself can’t change much in the world, and so it didn’t matter what he did in his life; it wouldn’t matter much afterwards anyway. He wants to enjoy life rather than make anything out of it because, in the end, it was him who was living it. Making time and helping others was more of a nuisance than a pleasure to him, as his mostly thinking about himself and what’s in it for him. 

Sam’s traits doesn’t make him a mean or an evil person. It’s not like he likes to hurt other people or anything like that, though he is more blunt than normal standards; he’s just quite airheaded when it comes to being social. He doesn’t know the uplifting feeling from helping other people and having long-lasting relationships, because he never tries to have these things. His opinionated nature doesn’t always make him the favourite person to be around, and his laziness and self-value don’t help either. 

If you approach Sam he will be polite. If you do try to be friends with him he's not going to oblige. Just don’t expect him to put in much effort unless you become someone to him. 


Born originally in Sheffield, Samuel Park was the first and only child of Park “Jonathan” Ji-hun and Sarah Park. Sam didn’t have a privileged life, but nor did he grow up in poverty. His father was an architect while his mother a hair-dresser, which made for a fairly steady life for Sam in his early years. His dad however also was a huge football fan, and constantly arranged Sam to play with the other kids and, when he was old enough, signed him up to the local kids’ Sunday league to play for a team. Sam was shorter than most kids back then and not that great at the sport itself too, so the coach would play him at mostly at a full-back position, where he couldn’t influence the game at all. As years went by Sam grew more and more resistive to his father’s pleas, and in the end Jonathan gave up on his dreams, realising that his son was never going to be a professional football player. Because of this experience Sam has a major distaste of the sport, wishing he never has to kick a round-shaped ball ever again. 

High school came shortly afterwards. Sam wasn’t popular in high school; nor was he a nerd, a geek, a weirdo, any good at sports, academically brilliant or any other common tags which teens or teachers alike placed. He was, as you call it, an “inbetweener” - not cool enough to be among the “popular kids” but still classed above the “losers”. He did have a few friends but not many, and the social scenery constantly changed around him. He did above average in his final exams, but nothing outstanding. Shortly after finishing high school, most of his teachers and peers had already forgotten about his existence.

Right after graduating, Sam’s father announced to his family that he was contacted for a job from a well-established firm for his services in London, and that he had found a good-sized property in the town of Wimbledon. After a few weeks all of them agreed to move, seeing the financial benefits and such. Another month later the whole move was complete, and the Parks settled down fairly easily. Sam had a neighbour in the same age as him named Tess, and the two got along pretty well with each other. Up till now they have been friends for a year, which was a record in Sam’s books. They both attend the same Sixth Form at a local high school.

When the Atlanteans revealed themselves to the rest of the world Sam was watching the news, and so because of his keen interest on current affairs he was quick to research just about anything on them. After an hour of excitement and confusion on the news, Sam decided to take a shower to think it over and form an opinion. After taking his clothes off though, he finds a strange mark on his chest, and upon finding it out he knew exactly what it meant. He didn’t reveal his new identity to anyone instantly, but he plans to tell at least Tess and see what she thinks.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-7):
Intelligence 0-7
Strength: 0-7
Speed: 0-7
Durability: 0-7
Energy Projection 0-7
Fighting Skills 0-7