Thayne Clarke
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Scott Clarke (Half-Brother)

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Atlantean Unification Project

Formerly Atlantean Royal Family




Dead Weight

Thayne Clarke (born September 19th, 1993) is an American Atlantean and the current sole user of the Erebokinesis ability. He is a member of the AUP.


Thayne's appearance is that of a simple young man, whose body is obviously one that has been taken care of, both in hygiene and physical fitness, all of which added to his skin's slightly tan complexion. His hair seems to stand out against his skin as it is a shade of dark brown, not to different from a light black, and is often quite a mess. Furthermore, it seems to bring out his facial features most of all, probably due to the close distance between the two. Thayne possesses bright blue eyes, which are sometimes covered by his hair, that seem to emanate just the smallest amount of kindness. He has a pronounced jawline and a distinct nose. Many people tend to say that he is at least a tad bit handsome.

Moving on towards his clothing style, Thayne tends wear more monochromatic clothes than most, as he prefers neutral colors over many others. This tends to mean that while he will basically wear anything, he would rather the color be anything close to black, white, or grey. An obvious example being his grey Tee and ordinary black jeans. During the colder months, Thayne will usually have a long-sleeved, trench coat-like jacket and a somewhat large, white scarf. The young man wears normal black and white converse and will likely be found with a black, loose-fitting belt to keep his pants from falling. 

Thayne Tattoo

Thayne's Atlantean Tattoo


Thayne's tattoo is one slightly more intricate than most of the Atlanteans. It possesses a inner ring of curved arrows which lies just between his shoulder blades. Two branches of the arrows slither down each of his forearms.


Despite the young man's seemingly, distant-looking appearance, Thayne is a person who rejoices in being accepted. He is, to say the least, a very open person despite years of mistrust in and out of his family. He enjoys being the reason of someone's happiness and will often be found listening to other people's problems or telling jokes to help them feel a bit more up. People always seem to look up to him for that kind disposition of his and will always look to him for advice on anything.

Thayne however, somewhat bares this personality as a facade to hide the years of abuse he has dealt with over the years. Underneath it all, he was typically depressed upon recognition. He possesses so many memories of these horrible occurences and always pushes them farther and farther down, hoping to get rid of them that way. It... Obviously doesn't work much. Due to this, he has several phobias, despite managable, that range anywhere from fear of the dark (or to be more precise, what is in the dark) to the fear of the tight spaces. His biggest fear is likely to be his isolophobia.

Because of his few fears, he is often paranoid of what or might could happen.

He often tell himself a simple quote to justify the facade of his. "The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do."

Thayne is always looking for a way to express his feeling and often takes refuge in art or music to do so.


Thayne Christopher was born in a small, out of the way town in the center of the American Midwest into a family consisting only of his parents. At first glance after his birth, the family seemed to be one of the many "ordinary" and "religious" families that often lived in the midwest, and indeed they were for awhile (Although Thayne's father wasn't as faithful as everyone believed). He grew up in the decent, though small home of his parents for several years before anything different began to happen. Around the age of seven, his father had somehow lost his job. Now this was obviously a bad thing, after all, no job means no money. Many people would merely go out looking for a different job or even getting a new one at the same time as your spouse in order to get back any money lost. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for Thayne's family. 

His father had begun to tap into the family's savings, using the money to fund his fast and newly developed addictions to gambling and drinking. He seemed to disregard anything of his past view of his life. Often, he would come home drunk after a night of worthless gambling and take whatever out on Thayne's mother. The entire time anything like this happened. Thayne's father would move into one of the house's cramped, drak rooms. This abuse went on for months before his father turned to him as a verbal punching bag.

At the age of nine, Human Services caught wind of the struggles of the household and took Thayne away from his parents, as well as imprisoning his father. To be honest, he ended up never hearing from his mother again either. From this point on, Thayne was put into numerous foster homes. Often, he'd be moved from these places for no apparent reason, though it likely involved his foster parents' lack of care for anything but the money they would be receiving to "spend" on his health. It carried on like this for several years until Thayne was officially put into an orphanage in Seattle at the age of 712

From there, his life grew a little better to the surprise of many. He wasn't the new kid anymore at school. He was able to make friends like Nick Marlo and Melissa Jacobs. Fellow orphans, the three were around each other constantly, which eventually lead Thayne to actually develop a crush on Mel (Which she happened to share). Before long the trio attended high school where Thayne was able to somehow receive high marks despite the lack of reliable schooling he's had in the past. He joined the band program there and learned to play both the violin and piano. He loved it. Sometime during his high school career, the orphanage attempted to develop a program where teens would be taught self-defense. Using Thayne and a few others, they were put into a taekwondo class. Despite not being in it for very long, Thayne excelled.

Soon afterwards, Thayne graduated from the Seattle high school and, with a little help from a few at the orphanage, got an apartment with Nick as his roommate. He managed to get a job at the music store just down the street and after celebrating his birthday, life seemed to go pretty well. The fears from his past were slowly dying and he wasn't afraid of the future anymore. He looked forward to it.

Story Thus FarEdit

 Recruitment & Time in the ARFEdit

Thayne's heritage was made evident at the time of the Atlantean reveal, where after a long day at work, he entered the apartment building only to be overcome by an itch and causing the hall to be enveloped with the darkness he couldn't control. The two weeks passed and after registering as an official Atlantean, was recruited by River Beleren to join the Atlantean Royal Family. Despite the fact that he'd be leaving his friends, Thayne agreed simply to train his new power. Almost immediately, he was introduced to Austin Tseng, Garrett Flynn, and Kaido Tsukuda.

While he was there, The Parisian Incident occured, although he was still at the mansion at the time. He also had a few sessions with River in hopes to overcome his fear of the dark, and ultimately, his power.

The ARF KidnappingEdit

On the 10th of November, The ARF Kidnapping occurred and around twenty or more student were captured by an unknown faction. Thayne, despite having tried to put up a fight, happened to be one of those who were kidnapped.

He along with the other students were brought to an unknown boat where each individual was placed in a separate room, each one designed to test that captive's ability. In Thayne's case, a room filled with nothing but flood lights.

Hours later, he was rescued by members of both the Syndicate and the Atlantean Unification Project. He along with ten other student were then transferred to the AUP HQ.

New Atlantis ArrivalEdit


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence 5
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Durability: 4
Endurance: 5
Energy Projection: 6
Power Control: 5
Fighting Skills 5


  • Despite playing more classical instruments, Thayne's favorite music ranges from rock to alternative.
  • Thayne's favorite food is pepperoni pizza.
  • Thayne was the first PC to change factions.