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Michael North (Father)

Oakley North (Sister)









Wyatt Cale (born April 21st, 1991) is a British-Canadian Atlantean, son of Michael North and the older brother of Oakley North. He is the sole user of the Optikinesis ability.


Naturally, Wyatt is considered to have dirty blonde hair; however in summer his hair tends to lighten quite considerably while in winter it ends up darkening bringing Wyatt from almost blonde to effectively brown hair. Soft to the touch naturally, his hair falls slightly over his ears and just obscures his eyebrows while it lightly touches the collar of any collared shirts he wears. Behind a pair of thin framed glasses are the biggest anomaly of Wyatt; his eyes. Due to a lack of pigmentation in his irises, Wyatt’s eye colour changes constantly; more often than not when he is using one of his “Multi-Visions” which can stand out quite a bit. Other than this, when exposed to varying degrees of light, they tend to change from light green on one end of the scale, and dark green on the other. A fairly square and thick jawline that is almost constantly covered in stubble means that Wyatt often appears older than he is.

An above average build of muscularity shows Wyatt’s preference for training at the gym, something he does often, and eating healthily. However, unlike body builders, Wyatt does not have 'over the top muscles', but is rather quite defined in his muscularity. Being somewhat physically active means that Wyatt is slightly tanned, or though with the weather in Lancaster, tanning is something hard to do. In contrast to his muscular build, he has somewhat 'thin' fingers, better used for dealing with electronics or getting into nooks and crannies, but also good for typing on keyboards; something he does a lot of.

Wyatt's wardrobe is not one full of many colourful clothes. Partially due to his slight inability to see the full spectrum of colours, but also due to the fact that black, white and grey are the easiest colours to blend together, his wardrobe consists of many clothes in these shades. As far as shirts go, Wyatt wears a plain dark grey long-sleeved shirt beneath a buttoned black shirt. Many of his clothes contain no brands, slogans or pictures, since Wyatt prefers the plain colours which allow him to blend in more. Over top of his grey shirt is an unbuttoned black shirt that has long sleeves as well and a thin hood which he let's sit over top of the black leather jacket he wears often. When it gets cold, Wyatt will button up his shirt then zip up his leather jacket, but never does he pull up the hood of his shirt - a little quirk he has.

Due to the paleness of his legs when contrasted to the rest of his body and the weather in Lancaster, Wyatt prefers to wear jeans. On quite formal occasions, he will wear a pair of straight cut jeans, and in casual occasions, his jeans are boot cut. His preference for these two sizes being that he can move his legs more, in case the time for defence was needed, or so he could run away. On a more personal side, he dislikes the comfort and feel of 'tighter' cut jeans. Apart from jeans, he does possess several pairs of black pants as well as black work pants alongside a couple of pairs of cargo pants, however these are mostly in varying shades of grey or black.

As far as shoes go, he wears a pair of black leather work shoes, which he finds annoying and uncomfortable; however they are part of the uniform for his work. When not working, he wears a variety of black formal-casual shoes, all dependants on what he is wearing at the time. To suit the colour scheme, all his socks are white, black or grey.

As far as accessories go, Wyatt wears a silver analogue watch on his right hand, despite being right handed. A pointed labret piercing points out from below his lip in the centre; his one and only piercing.

The irony between Wyatt and his ability though is the fact that several years ago, he was diagnosed with Partial Colour-blindness, meaning that not all the colour cones in his eyes were full, so the entire spectrum of colours that other people can see is limited; his trouble being mostly in shades of colours where one colour becomes another. For this he wears a pair of thin glasses that help him to differentiate colours by making up for what he lacks in eyesight.


Wyatt’s Atlantean tattoo appeared at the top of his spine several days after feeling the burning sensation in the back of his eyes. It appears somewhat similar to his younger sisters; albeit reversed.


Wyatt is the kind of person who has to see something to believe it. People could tell him something truthful and unless he saw for himself, he would not believe the person or people. This is good since it means that he does not fall for lies easily, but bad as most people see this as trust issues. However it is safe to say he does have trust issues and unless he trusts someone, he will quite often create a façade to hide himself, more of a defensive measure than anything. Alongside this, he chooses not to get close to people, for the people he had come close to before he had felt hurt by. To obtain Wyatt's trust is something not many people get easily; it can even take years for Wyatt to trust someone.

One of his better qualities is his protectiveness. Mainly over his little sister long ago, the protectiveness is still there, often for girls whom remind him of his younger sister and close friends of his; not that he has many. If he saw a young girl around his sister's age being harassed in public, he would quickly step in to protect her; something of an automatic response. His one weakness to this though would be his sister; if anything was to happen to her, even though he hasn't talked to her in ages, he would hunt down whoever was responsible for hurting her and deal with them. Despite the distance, even now he would quickly resume talking to her if he knew where she was.

Wyatt's instincts however have long since taught him to flee and leave the past behind. In a situation where things could seem too much, he will often run away than face them full on unless it came to his sister; self-preservation is what he has been doing for the past several years and it has kept him alive this far. His lack of close bonds makes it easier for him to run away if the need arises. His independent attitude of relying nearly solely on himself rather than on others means that he does not often require others to help him out; but would still accept help in any given form.

One thing he is good at and loves to do is write. Writing is Wyatt's form of keeping himself alive and in a stable state of mind. When he was younger and first moved to England, he began writing a story about him and his sister travelling the world and going on amazing adventures. Later once he lost contact with his sister it changed to a darker approach of himself fighting against the world in an alternate universe he created. Even to date he still keeps his old writing and continues to write and improve and eventually hopes to release a novel.


No matter how much he wished, Wyatt had been subjected to a fairly normal life; something he saw in both a positive and a negative way. He always wished that something would happen that would change the daily grind of his somewhat boring existence since he was a young child.

Born to a Canadian Mother and an English Father in Toronto, Wyatt had a fairly good start to his life; having no birthing problems and two loving, caring parents. Up until the age of four, Wyatt had been living in Toronto with his parents and later younger sister whom at the age of only a couple of months at Wyatt's fourth birthday. Wyatt took a shining to his younger sister, looking out for her as they grew older and helping his parents with taking care of her. He was perhaps the ultimate older brother, and he loved taking care of his younger sister. After the Toronto Riots, Wyatt's family moved from their home in Canada to a little town in northern Spain near the French border. Up until their move, Wyatt had only learnt French and English.

At that sort of age, the move did not bother Wyatt much, and so he adapted to living in Spain, attending school at the age of five. Around home he spoke English and French and at school he learnt to speak Spanish which he picked up quite clearly. Wyatt spent the next seven years in Spain with his family, becoming ever more so protective of his sister as he grew older; watching out for her at school and out in public. Quite often he had stepped in when she was being harassed by local boys who weren't so fond of foreigners. Not one for popularity, Wyatt made several friends while at school yet remained somewhat distant from many people. It wasn't really a problem, not until he began distrusting his friends; to them this was somewhat of a shock. Around the age of eleven, Wyatt had begun to develop and follow a different path, something inside him changed and he took some drastic changes.

His parents saw these changes, and began to worry about Wyatt. They did not know what was wrong with him and when they asked him about it, he denied anything. In order to resolve the issue, he was sent to a boarding school in England, one his father had been to when he was a kid, his parents hoping that it would help turn Wyatt in to a good person. However, the distance not from his family, but from his sister took a toll on him. For two years he refused to talk to his parents and would only talk to his younger sister, making sure that she was okay and unhurt. She missed him too and wanted him to return, but he made a promise to her that he would be waiting for her in England, and do his best.

When he was sixteen, life turned around for Wyatt. The first shock came to him when his parents rang up to tell him that his sister was attending a French Girls Academy in Southern France, a somewhat prestigious academy and although he was happy for his sister, he was disappointed that she did not follow him to England, after they had promised to be reunited in time. This fracture between his sister and himself accelerated his distrust of what people say. Because of the school's policy, he was not allowed to communicate with her for the first year, and so a rift opened up between them and Wyatt hasn't talked to his sister even at the age of twenty; they never resumed contact.

After that, one crisis followed the next. His father called him in the middle of the night to tell Wyatt he was returning to England and would be arriving the following evening. Despite inner protest and the natural curiosity, Wyatt met his father at the airport. Upon arrival, his father broke down in tears in the middle of Heathrow Airport, and after moving his father, learned that his mother had been killed in a terrorist attack in Madrid while on vacation. Wyatt shed no tears for his dead and estranged mother. His father had had a funeral before he left for England, so any hopes of meeting his long lost sister at a funeral were dashed away.

Once he had his father back up on his feet, Wyatt left his father alone at Heathrow Airport, much like Wyatt had arrived. He since turned his back on his family and refused to keep contact with them; locking his emotions away in a box. He changed his last name to 'Cale' and continued to finish his school years.

When the Atlanteans revealed their existence, Wyatt was at the age of twenty-one. He woke in the middle of the night to feel his eyes burning. Suffering in silence, he held himself together through the pain as his eyes changed dramatically with the dawning of his new abilities. Once over, he went to see an eye doctor and found that overnight he had repaired the 'Partially Colour-blind' that had plagued him for so long; now he merely wears the glasses as a gimmick and out of habit rather than anything; his ability allowing him to see clearly both with the glasses on and with them off. He soon learnt that the burning in his eyes had changed his own sight for the good, and now found himself able to switch between different visions as well as a wide array of positive and negative side effects.


Power Grids
Stat: Number Value (0-10):
Intelligence 5
Strength: 3
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Endurance: 4
Power Control 5
Fighting Skills 4